Why is Council upgrading High Street?

    These upgrades are essential. 

    The work happening along High Street is to replace the stormwater drainage system because it is currently under capacity. This results in a much higher risk of flash flooding, which can cause significant damage to buildings, businesses and the environment, and impacts businesses financially.

    The new system being installed will reduce that risk for years to come.

    While we’re there doing these essential underground works, we’re taking the opportunity to renew High Street above the ground as well. By replacing some of the ageing infrastructure, we can create a city centre that people enjoy spending time in, with enhanced accessibility, at any time of the day or night.

    It will be a more attractive and inviting place, much easier for people to access, and provide more opportunities for businesses to thrive in a 24-hour economy.

    What exactly are we doing?

    We’ll be replacing and upgrading some of the aging infrastructure along High Street, from Woodriff Street to Riley Street.

    The works will include improving and increasing outdoor dining spaces, making shops easier to access and making Penrith’s city centre more sustainable. We will also be improving the tree canopy, and upgrading drainage infrastructure to reduce and protect against flash flooding.

    We’ll be doing the work in 3 sections, so it won’t all be happening at once.

    What does section 1 involve?

    Section 1 will involve works between Woodriff and Station streets.

    Works will include:
    -  Constructing new granite paving on the footpath.
    -  Installing new street furniture.
    -  Upgrading the street lighting.
    -  Replacing the trees with new, medium sized street trees that will provide shade.
    -  Constructing 3 footpath extensions for additional outdoor dining and seating.

    What does section 2 involve?

    Section 2 will involve works at the Station Street intersection. These works will be conducted as night works only.

    Works will include:
    -  Installing significant stormwater culverts to reduce flash flooding.
    -  Upgrade existing traffic signal at High Street & Station Street intersection.
    -  Significant utilities upgrades.

    What does section 3 involve?

    Section 3 will involve works between Station and Henry streets, including a section of Riley Street.

    Works will include:
    -  Constructing new granite paving on the footpath.
    -  Installing new street furniture.
    -  Upgrading the street lighting.
    -  Installing significant stormwater culverts to reduce flash flooding.

    How long will it take?

    The works are due to start on Monday 9 April, and we are expecting the overall project to be completed within 12 months.

    Are shops and restaurants still open?

    Yes. Shops and restaurants along High Street will remain open as normal. We are doing everything we can to minimise the disruption and keep High Street open for businesses and shoppers.

    Access to shops may change, so it’s important to check the information on this website, or with the shop you’re planning to visit, if there are any changes.

    Can I still drive down High Street?

    Traffic access to High Street will change throughout the works, and will reopen to normal two-way traffic once the works are completed.

    Traffic along High Street (between Woodriff and Station Streets) is still 1-way, however conditions have changed with eastbound traffic open, and westbound traffic now closed. You can register to follow this project and we will send you regular email updates about the works, including traffic changes. It’s important to follow the directions of signs and traffic controllers when travelling through the area.

    Where can I park to shop on High Street?

    The car parks at Allen Place, Union Road and Judges Place will not be affected by the works, and provide convenient parking for accessing businesses on High Street. A map of public car park locations in the Penrith city centre is available in the documents library on this website.

    What will happen if the works are delayed?

    We don’t anticipate any significant delays. However, if the works are delayed, we will communicate with businesses and residents as soon as we can, and provide regular updates on the progress of the works.

    Issues that have caused significant delays, like that at the Triangle Park works, will not impact the High Street project. Those issues are unique to the underground infrastructure at Triangle Park and will not be replicated with this project.