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By looking at the documents and telling us what you think, and whether you think we have missed anything, you’ll help shape our City.

Council will be spending $264.6 million to deliver the planned activities for Penrith over the next 12 months. Rates are funding 48.4% ($128.2 million) of the budget, with fees and charges funding 18.5% ($48.9 million).

If you’d like to know about the projects Council plans to deliver in your area or the activities occurring across the Penrith area during 2019-20 you should look at the Operational Plan 2019-20.

Council’s Fees and Charges schedule is important if you regularly use or plan to use a Council service or facility in 2019-20. You will be able to see if the fees and charges for a particular service or facility is proposed to change after 1 July 2019.
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Consultation has concluded. Thank you to everyone who took the time to view and comment on Council's plans for 2019-20. The adopted plans can be viewed on our website.