Why is Council building a City Park?

    Creation of a green central heart for Penrith has been a community aspiration for many years.

    To capitalize on this huge influx of investment in our city, Penrith City Council is embarking on the City Park project which aims to create a new urban green space in the heart of the CBD for residents, workers and visitors to enjoy on a daily basis.

    The $12 million City Park is located on the corner of Henry and Station streets in the heart of the Penrith city centre, which will reinforce Penrith’s role as a major Western Sydney centre for business, employment and urban living.

    What will the park look like?

    The majority of the park (approximately 70-80 per cent) will consist of green space

    The iconic park will consist of various features befitting a central city park such as mature shade trees, modern water features with play elements, picnic shelters and benches plus pathways for walking.

    Council is asking the community what it would like to see in the park through the Your Say Penrith website.

    When will it be constructed?

    Key Milestones

    • Community Engagement Plan to be completed late 2019
    • Communications Strategy to be completed late 2019
    • Community (business) engagement to commence late 2019
    • Concept design and activation plan will be completed mid 2020
    • Detailed design and site preparation expected 2020-2021
    • Construction commences 2021.
    • Council envisages delivery of City Park in 2023

    How long will it take?

    The works are due to start in 2021, with a construction phase extending to 2023.

    Can I still drive down Station and Henry Street?

    Traffic access to Station and Henry Street will be maintained throughout the works.

    Will parking still be available?

    A small amount of car spaces at Allen Place will be part of the construction of City Park, these will be fenced off. The remaining car spaces at Allen Place will be available for parking. Additional parking is available at Union Road and Judges Place, these sites will not be affected by the works, and provide convenient parking for accessing businesses on High Street.

    A map of public car park locations in the Penrith city centre is available in the documents library.

    What will happen if the works are delayed?

    We don’t anticipate any significant delays. However, if the works are delayed, we will communicate with businesses and residents as soon as we can, and provide regular updates on the progress of the works.