Why is Council building a City Park?

    Creation of a green central heart for Penrith has been a community aspiration for many years.

    To capitalize on this huge influx of investment in our city, Penrith City Council is embarking on the City Park project which aims to create a new urban green space in the heart of the CBD for residents, workers and visitors to enjoy on a daily basis.

    The $12 million City Park is located on the corner of Henry and Station streets in the heart of the Penrith city centre, which will reinforce Penrith’s role as a major Western Sydney centre for business, employment and urban living.

    Where is City Park located exactly?

    City will be located on the corner of Henry and Station streets in the heart of the Penrith City Centre. At approximately 7,000sqm, City Park will be a significant open space offering something for everybody. The City Park site is approximately 1/3 of the block, finishing at the Allen Park car park to the south and Gaymark Lane in the east.

    What will the park look like?

    The City Park concept design has been released and it’s an exciting glimpse into the future of Penrith’s new iconic city park.  

    The community’s vision for City Park as a natural retreat in the heart of the City Centre is starting to take shape with the concept featuring a variety of large shady trees, sensory gardens, water features and natural landscaping.

    There’s also space for everyone to meet, retreat, eat, be active and celebrate together with these aspects set to stimulate the day and night time economy by attracting locals, visitors and investors.

    Tell us what you think about the Concept Design. Register now for an online information session or complete the online survey before 21 August to have your say.  We need your help to build a park that’s just right for our City and our people.

    When will it be constructed?

    Construction works are expected to start in late 2021 with the park expected to be completed in early 2023. 

    Key Milestones 

    •    Community and business consultation late 2019 

    •    Concept design completed mid 2020 

    •    Community and business consultation late 2020 

    •    Construction commences 2021 

    •    Council envisages delivery of City Park in 2023

    Can I still drive down Station and Henry Street?

    Traffic access to Station and Henry Street will be maintained throughout the works.

    What are some of the benefits of City Park?

    Leading cities around the world have large communal green spaces that provide a respite and reprieve from their surroundings. Think Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD and Central Park in New York. Smaller parks are also just as important and are known to deliver big benefits in small spaces. 

    In addition to adding beautiful, green open spaces into a city centre, small parks can encourage a healthy lifestyle, reduce heat by offering natural shade, create recreational opportunities, and attract people into the city to stimulate the local economy. 

    What is happening to Allen Place car park?

    A small amount of car spaces in the Allen Place car park will be part of the construction of City Park. While there is a small parking loss in the short-term, Council is delivering other car parks in the City Centre including the recently completed North Street car park and a new multi-deck car park at Soper Place which is due to start construction in late-2021.

    What will happen if the works are delayed?

    We don’t anticipate any significant delays. However, if the works are delayed, we will communicate with businesses and residents as soon as we can, and provide regular updates on the progress of the works.

    Will buildings be demolished to build City Park?

    Several buildings on the site (corner of Station Street and Henry Street) will need to be demolished to create City Park. The buildings located on the site are owned by Penrith City Council. Council has been working with tenants for a number of years on the prospect of City Park and confirmed the timeline for development last September.

    Where can people park their car to visit City Park?

    Anyone driving into the City Centre is encouraged to download Council’s ParkPenrith app from the app store or play store. This free app uses and displays data from in-ground sensors and makes finding a parking spot much easier. For details on car park locations and time restrictions download the Penrith City Centre Parking Map.

    Will City Park have an all-abilities playground?

    While City Park won’t have a playground, there will be several passive play and interactive elements for people all ages and abilities to enjoy. This includes several water features, sensory gardens and natural landscaping features.

    Will the park be safe for the community to use and enjoy?

    Council’s aim is for everyone to be and feel safe no matter where they are or what they’re doing across our City and this includes in the new City Park. Safety and security is being carefully considered and planned throughout the design stage to ensure that City Park is safe and enjoyable for all to use during the day and night. Council also aims to develop an Activation Plan for City Park to ensure a variety of uses in a vibrant, safe and beautiful space.